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"The ease with which the author moves the reader along, comes from a fine word-smithing we can appreciate. The book is a wonderfully crafted trip through a world hardly known to those of us americans who don't safari africa but which effectively delivers us to the fron office door that we know so well. We are enthrolled and impressed."
-Drs Gary and Ruth Namie, authors of "The Bully ar Work", Workplace Bullying Institute, Washington, USA.

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Dear Visitor, You are welcome to contact Dr Susan Steinman with a comment, request or an inquiry for services and a form for that purposes is provided below.

The website provides extensive advice and research and you should be able to find the answers to your questions either by reading through the website or buying Dr Steinman's latest books from the online store. If you write a letter, Dr Steinman will endeavour to answer all letters personally. But, should you require a guaranteed and extensive answer from Dr Steinman for a problem you have or if you want a telephonic interview to discuss your problems, such a service is available at a cost and you are advised to click here for the costs and necessary arrangements.

However, due to the high volume of letters seeking for personal advice for problems from Dr Steinman's, a special service is available.

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