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"The ease with which the author moves the reader along, comes from a fine word-smithing we can appreciate. The book is a wonderfully crafted trip through a world hardly known to those of us americans who don't safari africa but which effectively delivers us to the fron office door that we know so well. We are enthrolled and impressed."
-Drs Gary and Ruth Namie, authors of "The Bully ar Work", Workplace Bullying Institute, Washington, USA.

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About Dr Susan Steinman


Dr Susan Steinman is well-known for her expertise on the issue of physical and emotional abuse but is equally knowledgeable about social entrepreneurship. As a social entrepreneur and change-maker she was awarded an ASHOKA fellowship in 2002 for her pioneering work in raising awareness, her research work and workplace programmes to address violence. She also received the Nedbank Regional Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 award for her sustained efforts to mainstream the issue of workplace violence by using employee wellness programmes to make a difference.

Susan obtained her first doctorate in 2003 and received her second doctorate in 2008 at the University of Johannesburg where she is currently heading the Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. In this capacity she already produced the first comprehensive research report on social enterprise development in South Africa and secured the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) for Africa, to be held at the University of Johannesburg in April 2011.

She published, authored and co-authored several books and articles on physical and emotional abuse in the workplace since 1997 and addressed audiences worldwide - and as far as Saudi Arabia - on the topic. Dr Steinman is an international researcher and has been commissioned by several United Nations agencies since 2002 on the issue of employee wellness (she developed one of the most comprehensive models for integrated health and wellness published as a toolkit by the Service Seta) and social entrepreneurship on the other hand.

Susan has an impressive media profile. Her work and her role in this area of expertise received a lot of local and international media attention over years - in magazines, news reports, radio and television.

Dr Steinman's cutting edge work is diverse and reflects her flexibility as an individual. She focuses on transforming workplace into equitable, trauma-free environments by establishing a culture of dignity and respect. Her strength lies in her ability to conceptualize, direct, implement and inspire programmes for change in workplaces worldwide.

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