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"First we had The Rules, a book advising women to act like simpering idiots to catch a husband. If that wasn't bad enough, along came Surrendered Wives, a book advising women to become adorable doormats to keep those husbands happy. And now, hitting bookstores later this month, look for Same Game, Different Rules, a book advising working women to bite their tongues, soften their tone, and shed a strategic tear, all to get ahead.

From the women site an interesting article by Sandra Purvis, PhD on Dealing with Workplace Bullies:

International Labour Organisation

ILO SafeWork
International Labour Organisation information note on women workers and gender issues on occupational safety and health.

ILO publications and standards on women workers
The International Labour Organisation's standards and publications specifically concerning women workers, including some on hazardous occupations.

JCU - Female bullies
... the disadvantages women encounter in employment, that it sometimes comes as a surprise to realise that women are equally as capable of bullying behaviour as men:

Print Article: My boss, the bitch
... Ricky Nowak, a workplace communications training specialist and head of the company, Confident Communications, says women's bullying is "often quieter, behind ...

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