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South African Sites

A site with lots of information, resources and links for women on the move

South Africa's Commission for Gender Equality


The Wonder Woman Project

International Sites


July 2005 - Bullying in the Workplace (Dealing with Difficult People)


Women Bullies Often Target Other Women - ABC News � - Get rid of bullies in the workplace


Workplace Bullying: Why Women Are Affected More - -


Woman-on-Woman Bullying - United States


Abby L. Ferber: Workplace Bullying: Are Women Their Own Worst Enemies? - United States


Female Bullies at Work


Workplace Prof Blog: Female Bullying in the Workplace: Mean Girls ...


Workplace bullying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


What Is Female Bullying?


Workplace bullying


Behaviour of the serial bully: attention seeker, wannabe, guru and ...


Women in the Workplace - Management-Issues


A collection of links that deal with issues surrounding working women.


Women and the workplace - The Business Times Labour Guides - Cached - - Cached -




More women in the workplace
3 min - 5 Sep 2009


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